Monica Clarke

Writer and Storyteller

Why I do what I Do

A nurse, midwife and lawyer, I was also an abused woman. Why did I not leave the relationship? I stil l don't know. I now spend my time encouraging others to tell, record, shout out your own story.

Our stories need to be recorded, so that together they will change the world for our children!

Tell your Story!

Tell your

Born in South Africa in 1944, Monica prefers to be called Ouma Monica  (Afrikaans for Grandmother). Afrikaans is her mother tongue. English is her first language.

An activist for the underground liberation movement, in the early 1980's, during forced incarcerations of many of her colleagues and friends under trumpted-up charges, Monica fled to Europe to seek asylum when the security police were hunting down, and killing, many of those who opposed the repressive Apartheid regime. Monica was granted political asylum in the United Kingdom, where she still lives. 

"I am a resource for helping others to liberate their voice," Monica says. She does this through her own Writings and Storytelling. Read more

Monica invites institutions and organisations to be in touch if they would like that she be an added resource to them to aid them in their work.

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