Hottentot Venus 

(The Story of Saartjie Baartman)

Biography - Monica Clarke

Pages: 194

I wrote this book to say we have a duty to speak up against violence, abuse, and prejudice, against demeaning language, jokes, the use of stereotypes, and against discrimination of any type or form.

Saartjie stood no chance in 1810. I can use her story to speak up for those who are abused, suffering and bleeding more than 200 years later.

Paperback ISBN: 9781035818037
EPub ISBN: 9781035818044


Saatije Baartman also known as Hottentot Venus, was an ordinary, curious, 18 year old, who travelled to a foreign country with all the excitement and expectation of any young girl, eager to see the big world, eager to earn some money.

There are many books written about Saartjie’s journey. Most of them were written by academics. This book, for the first time, speaks THROUGH SAARTJIE’S VOICE. She tells her story as she went through what she did, at the time things happened to her. 

This book is an easy read, a must-read for all teens and adolescents living in an age when sexual slavery and trafficking is on the increase. 

The reader will see that 80% of Saartjie’s Human Rights were eroded – yet she survived! It shows our ability to overcome. A lesson to all of us to tell our story. Tell it yourself, for nobody can tell what you are going through.

The book is thoroughly researched with adequate references added as endnotes and so does not interfere with the easy flow of the story.